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Our key business is in developing titles and technology to be re-branded by our clients and distributed either by them or through our chain of global partners. We are available for hire by business enterprises, handset manufacturers, content creators and designers, OEM distributors, marketing agencies, and sales agents requiring special offer bundles with devices and technologies.

We are BCS approved. Some examples of our applications include enabling mobile access to enterprise databases, graphics solutions and casual games suited to on-the-go users.

We've played a role in developing the next generation of broad and direct knowledge aids, directory utilities, mobile help guides with audible instructions, communication tools for email, blogging and file transfers and many more.

We also provide software for wireless and online catalogues such as those employed by mainstream cellular network providers on handsets delivered, now including OrangeWorld France, T-Mobile's T-Zones USA and various popular online application stores. From time to time, we have produced and deployed our own public market software and freeware.

We cover the most innovative technologies on today's market, such as Android, iOS from Apple (iPhone, iPad), Windows 7 and Windows Phone 7, Java, Blackberry and Nokia/Symbian operating systems.

If you are a regular home user, a business user, or in a dedicated industry line and you have a proposition for a mobile or web project, contact us. If the project requires exclusivity or specific marketing, we take great care and pride in our values and capabilities for reaching your target customer group. If the project venture is to be of a public nature, we have access to network providers globally, to ensure your content message gains momentum and reach. We listen carefully to your needs, we meet your requirements with innovation and we get your message out there.

Literally with hundreds of software projects to our history, here is a few example case studies from recent clients ...


Valhalla Spatial Training for Surgeons - In 2009 and 2010, through collaboration with leading surgeons from Chelsea and Westminster Hospital in London UK, Tigerlily Digital proudly patented and presented its first generation of an augmented hardware and software toolkit for surgical 3D gesture controllers, called Valhalla. This incredible leap forward in surgery instrumentation was demonstrated with success and great feedback at not one, but two of the leading world conferences for Paediatric Surgery. Our accelerometry technology integrated with existing surgical laparascopic instruments breaks from traditional plastic prototypes.

Surgical training is entering the realms of highly ubiquitous data capture in 3D virtual simulations and we are pursuing the development of new software applications of wireless accelerometry (orientation and spatial awareness). As prior training simulation robotics incurred costs well into the £50,000+ region and required substantial training costs and labour, the ability to use minor modifications to existing laparascopic tools will expedite and shape the coming decade of this field of medical training. This technology was co-produced, co-patented and co-sponsored with the President of the Paediatric Surgery Chapter in the UK.


Valhalla - lacaroscopic tools with accelerometry


PortalView - In 2008-2009, Over 750,000+ USB Memory Sticks have been produced for UK Education Authorities with Tigerlily Digital's PortalView run-time technology, in association with hundreds of key design, teaching and advertising partners. PortalView enables advertisers to reach new browser audiences by providing user-wanted content with controlled and updateable advertising feeds. See www.memory4teachers.co.uk for more information.


Games Development and Game Artists: PROTEUS is a low fidelity prototyping environment built on the TabletPC architecture, originally designed for HCI research and analysis of user centred methods in prototype interface sketching. The engine was expanded for games development in character / level sketching, incorporating cell animation recording over timelines. As reported in the British Computing Society (2007) PROTEUS enable games artists and user interface designers, to fully realize a resolution-independent vector based view of a design over time in a sketching environment, to recognise and record alternative timelines of prototype sketching.

PROTEUS is a mobile tool for game character and level design, as well as low fidelity user interface prototyping

Graphics in the enterprise zone: A project leader at one the US's largest chain of home hardware retail outlets contacted Tigerlily Digital in 2006 to develop a mobile CAD tool for onsite evaluation teams to assist with physical layout reporting. Such a tool needed to be compatible with the existing management tools that was used inhouse. Tigerlily Digital created the AccurateSketch engine, portable for UIQ (such as Sony Ericsson P series handsets with pen stylus input) and Windows Mobile pen stylus input devices. This novel approach takes existing enterprise solutions and expands their reach outside to customers directly.

AccurateSketch developed for UIQ Sony Ericsson and Windows Mobile handsets

Prototype for RNIB: A client who conducts statistics research on behalf of the RNIB requested the development of an image-to-text (OCR) prototype tool that could ease document recognition tasks... when mobile. In 2005, Tigerlily Digital created the MirrorMirror platform for this purpose, using Windows UMPC (Origami) technology. These devices use integrated cameras but provide full Windows functionality. Combined with a simplified one click approach, this system has a highly desirable usability factor. This prototype "formed an outstanding example of use of OCR technology, and a base for future mobile OCR projects".

MirrorMirror on UMPC/Mobile WindowsXP

Public market released software: Tigerlily Digital has produced numerous multi-language reference knowledge and education aids based on popular requests from end users. Some of these have been included in mobile promotions from handset sales vendors. Over 16.5 million freeware and ad-sponsored titles have been downloaded since 2005.

We look forward to hearing from you on your next big idea!



We design, develop, and deploy software for research, consumers, advertisers and businesses.

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